Thule Enroute Escort Daypack

By Mike Ellott April 4, 2014
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Don’t sacrifice an opportunity to ride just because you don’t have room enough in your pack to store your necessities.

Being an enthusiastic roadie and commuter, I’ve turned many a cleated pedal commuting to work over the years, and I like to think I’ve a good idea of what’s needed to carry your daily wears to work.

On receiving the Thule Escort (daypack) backpack, my initial impression was it looked small for what I needed. This is taking into consideration it was about to take on board everything I use to get me to work washed, dressed and saving the office from an eye full of Lycra.

Thankfully, the Escort boasts a 29L capacity, which is broken down into three major compartments making up the main body of the bag. This easily stored and grouped together my daily contents, with plenty of room and pockets to spare.

Inside, you’ll find a home for your laptop and iPad, plus a hardened heat-moulded compartment for more fragile valuables.

But a little feature on the bag that makes a big difference are the two side compression straps, these bring the bag contents together resulting in an even weight across my back.

So my ride to work is with very limited bag movement, meaning I always keep the hands on the bike hoods and concentrate on the road ahead.

With the black nylon finish the bag looks great, but the downside of this is it lacks some reflective elements which I feel would not go amiss. Thankfully, there are plenty of loops on the front of the bag to hang your reflective rear light off.

At $170, there are cheaper bags out there but I doubt they would match the finish, size and quality found here.

RRP $169