Seal Line Boundary Pack 70

By Australian Geographic Adventure Staff 30 April 2014
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Lugging gear on your back, rather than dragging it, is a welcome reprieve for paddlers.

As most paddlers know, dry bags are our best friends – except when it comes to portaging, when we have to drag them – usually one-handed – through/over/around obstacles along the portage track to the next put-in point.

We’ve had the 70L Seal Line Boundary Pack in the AGA Gear Shed for the past six months and it has been called upon more than a few times by staff heading out on a paddling – and canyoning – adventure.

The pack itself is super tough, being constructed of a combination of 30-ounce (for the base) and 19-ounce scrim-reinforced vinyl.  (Scrim is a weave of fibres laminated into the vinyl to add strength.)

The pack features a roll-top enclosure, plus cinch straps on the sides and also a grab handle, on top of the harness system. The harness system is designed to be most comfortable for medium-weight loads.

We have it loaded up pretty heavy during testing and, for the short portages in these circumstances, it was not uncomfortable in use and quite supportive; you wouldn’t want to walk 10km with heavy loads, but that’s not its design brief.

Empty, the 70L pack weighs 1.16kg which is light when you consider its load-hauling abilities, on top of its excellent waterproofing.

For paddlers who do a lot of touring in places where portages are common, the Boundary Pack range (also available in 115L and 35L capacities) would be a welcome addition to your gear shed. And even if you don’t do much portaging, being able to lug your gear on your back, rather than dragging it, makes it a must.

RRP $179.95