Everest News

By Australian Geographic Adventure 10 December 2013
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A Korean alpinist recently summited Everest from a unique angle.

Korean alpinist, Park Young Seok, has summited Everest from the rarely climbed southwest side.

Park Young Seok is only the third alpinist to open a route on this side of the mountain since a British and Russian team climbed the route over 20 years ago.

In other news, British adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has reached the summit of Everest on his third attempt becoming the oldest Briton and the first British pensioner. Joking about his advanced age, which in Britain brings free travel on some public transport, Fiennes was quoted by the BBC as saying, “It’s amazing where you can get with a bus pass these days.”

Fiennes was the first explorer to complete a tour of the world on foot and then sailed between the two poles in 1982 before crossing Antarctica on foot with his long-time adventuring partner Michael Stroud in 1993.