Teewah Beach, Qld

By Emily Verdouw 4 June 2015
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Escape the rat race and wake up to the crashing sound of waves and sweet smell of the ocean from your beachfront accommodation

NOWHERE ELSE CAN you go where the abundance of land and plethora of Australia’s beauty is quite so generous than Teewah along the beautiful stretch of Rainbow Beach.

The rolling cliffs of golden sandy beaches topped with rich greenery, which slip into myriad blue and green water, are the centre point of an Aboriginal legend.

A fight over a woman took place, leading a man to throw himself into the sandy cliffs, staining them with his psychedelic colours.

Take the trip to this part of the world and you can hike, surf, play a round of golf, kayak, horse ride, go diving, take the boat for a spin, sink a line or simply relax on the beach.


4WD or beach scooters: If there is one thing Rainbow Beach is known for apart from its coloured sands, it is four-wheel-driving. There are a few tracks to choose from, but when staying at Teewah you can head straight to the 40km stretch of beach.

Make sure to visit the coloured sands from anywhere between Rainbow Beach south to middle point, or perhaps head along the rough 19km of Freshwater Road.

A nice option is also the King Bore Track – 18km of one-way steep trail leading to Teewah Beach, passing open forest – this requires very careful driving. If you don’t have a 4WD you can hire from all trax or choose to go by beach scooter.

Scooter hire is new and the first in Australia, allowing you to explore the local beaches of Inskip Point to Double Island Point. Both permit and non-permit tracks are available for 4WD.

The essentials

Location:  About 2.5hr north of Brisbane, Teewah Beach is a 15km zone in the middle of Noosa Shire boundary and Little Freshwater Creek. It can be accessed from Noosa North Shore by cable barge, Freshwater Road or Rainbow Beach Road. Only accessible by 4WD.

Accommodation: Beach camping along Teewah Beach is a drawcard; it’s without facilities so you must be self-reliant. For those who like to be a smidgen inland, there is also Freshwater campgrounds, with gas barbecues and hot showers.

Food/drink: You’ll need to bring your own food and water for camping, but just up the road you’ll find Rainbow Beach town, which boasts one of the best pubs in Queensland, the Rainbow Beach Hotel. There are many dining options here.

Points of interest: The coloured sands. If you make the journey to Teewah it’s worth half your day to roam this area.

More info and maps: www.ourrainbowbeach.com.au