Bruny Island, Tasmania

By AG STAFF 18 March 2015
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From snorkeling to hiking, there are a variety of adventures on offer at Tasmania’s Bruny Island.

NESTLED OFF THE east coast of Tasmania, Bruny Island is actually two islands joined by an isthmus (coincidentally called The Neck). The two islands are remarkably different, which is, of course, all good news for weekenders looking to enjoy a variety of adventures.

North Bruny’s sheltered and near-deserted beaches are the main attraction here; spending a few hours exploring these beaches is the ideal relaxed timeout. As is jumping aboard a boat and exploring the north island from an ocean-borne angle.

Travel south and you’re in the land of giant trees, mountains and plenty of hiking and paddling. South Bruny National Park covers the coastline and reaches back into the hinterland’s impressive rainforest, and is a magic place to spend a few days.

Walks here range from shorter ambles to the ruins of whaling stations (such as those at Grass Point), through to the all-day affair that is the Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit.

For those who wish to test their mettle in the cool southern waters, Adventure Bay and Jetty Beach are ideal for snorkeling and swimming. For surfers, Cloudy Bay will keep your attention well focused; most days you’ll have the break to yourself. For kayakers, Adventure Bay and Jetty Beach make great launch sites for further paddle-borne exploration of this dramatic coastline.

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