Ice climb of Niagara Falls a world first

By Outdoor staff 4 February 2015
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Climber Will Gadd has scaled the frozen edge of the world’s largest waterfalls

PROFESSIONAL CLIMBER WILL GADD has become the first person in the world to scale the frozen Niagara Falls.

The falls are the world’s largest flowing and send about 150,000 tons of water flowing over the crest every minute, at speeds of nearly 112 km/h.

“The massive water flow constantly shakes the ground and makes the ice shelves and walls around you unsteady and unpredictable. It’s a harsh environment and an intense challenge to stay attached to the wall let alone climb it,” said Will.

Will climbed the northern most part of the famous Horseshoe Falls starting from the frozen river base of Niagara River and climbed to Terrapin Point on Goat Island, the block of land that separates the Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

The climb distance is 47m and the route ran almost exactly along the United States and Canadian border, fitting for Will, who’s a dual citizen of Canada and the US.

Will has previously climbed the rapidly melting ice glaciers of Kilimanjaro and won the prestigious Ouray Ice Festival competition in Colorado.