Camping under the stars

By Australian Geographic Adventure 2 December 2013
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On Tuesday 20 April in Sydney, join the editors of Australian Geographic and Australian Geographic Adventure for a workshop on camping adventures – and the chance to win a complete starter kit!

JOIN AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC AND Australian Geographic Adventure for our Camping Under the Stars workshop, where we’ll be bringing you the greatest advice, demos and giveaways for your next camping trip.


Check out our ‘campsite’ setup, with all the trappings for a quality camping experience, feast on an authentic camping BBQ, plus one lucky attendee will win the entire showcase campsite!

The workshop will include essential advice and information on choosing your gear, setting up tips, a guide to camping in our huge range of national parks, and  recommendations on some great spots to visit.

“It’s the simplest of pleasures that underpin why we venture out into the wilderness to pitch a tent. Evening chats in the soft glow of a solitary lamp, the savouring of time spent bonding with friends or family, hunching beneath shelter with a deck of playing cards while escaping an impromptu storm. Camping is a quintessential outdoor experience, one that invigorates the soul as we nestle amongst nature – and is something that anyone at all can get out there and do.” – Emma Bowen.

To register for this free one-off event, visit this website.