Companion Lithium 75L Dual Zone Rechargeable Fridge / Freezer: Long Term Update

By Mark Watson 23 November 2021
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We’re still big fans of this hunk of a fridge/freezer after a solid 12 months of testing. Read our long-term update here.

We’re still big fans of this hunk of a fridge / freezer. It really is great and keeps our beers and bubbles cold whilst on the move frequently. Even if it’s only popping to the local beach for a cheeky sundowner. Sadly, COVID has curtailed any longer trips further afield…

Thing we love about it

The long run time on a single charge; the ability to charge in the car on the move; it’s easy to remove the baskets to load up stuff; the compartments cool quickly once you fire it up having not used it for a while; and it’s far handier than you might think having a charging point available on a fridge. The fridge’s overall volume – and the versatility of being able to use one compartment as a fridge, the other as a freezer – is a huge (excuse the size-related pun) advantage for those contemplating long, remote journeys with long distances between resupply points.

Things we don’t love as much

It’s just a bit too big and bulky. Annoyingly so. It’s a definite two-person job to carry it; it takes up too much space in the back of the Prado. If you put it in one way, there’s virtually no space at all for anything else, and if you put it in the other way you need to put a rear seat down to be able to shut the boot. Yes, we know it will fit in a 4WD ute tray – and in a large 4WD, such as a Toyota LandCruiser, a Troopy, Land Rover Discovery and Defender, plus a Nissan Patrol, at a pinch – and yes, we know we could get the smaller 60L single compartment model, but we REALLY want a dual compartment option that’s just a wee bit smaller…

The twin-hinged, removable compartment lids make access to your food and drinks straightforward.

The final word on the Companion Lithium 75L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer

In the meantime, and allowing for how we sort-of dread packing it in the Prado for each camping trip, we will continue to utilise this big bopper and enjoy the size-associated benefits for storage, as well as that excellent versatility in terms of the inbuilt Lithium battery.

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