Land of Sunset Dreams

By AG STAFF 17 May 2018
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Sunset in a field of lavender

The latest Australian Geographic Flickr group photo of the week.

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Maciek, for his image ‘Land of Sunset Dreams’


“I am a self-taught amateur photographer from Perth in Western Australia.

Visiting the Bridestowe Lavender Farm was high on our list of things to do during the last trip to Tasmania in January 2018. We were very happy to be able to see it combined with a fantastic sunset,” says Maciek.

“This is a single exposure. I used a four stop graduated filter to balance the brightness of the sky against the darker foreground. I picked a moment when a wind died down a little to ensure minimal movement of the lavender.

The red light reflected off the clouds worked beautifully with the red soil below and even helped to further intensify that hue. I loved this tonal connection and this is the reason why I go shooting at this time of the day. I want the golden and red glow of the sunset to rub off on the landscape below and to enrich the colours with a bit of extra magic. I also loved the overall colour balance in this scene. The blue sky came through very nicely, helped with the use of polariser to give it just a bit more contrast and saturation. The greens in the lavender also provided another colour dimension to the scene. Regarding the composition, I do not think you can go too wrong with the rows of lavender leading through and converging in the distance.

When I saw this view I immediately thought of the yin yang concept in terms of the pattern in front of me. On one hand, there are the clouds that reach from the right down towards the hill on the left. On the other, the rows of lavender are reaching in the opposite direction up towards the tallest mountain in the background to the right of the frame. I felt a natural and beautiful balance at work here.”

Canon 5D Mark IV | Canon EF 16-35mm F/4L IS USM

ISO 100 | f/8 | 2.5 sec | 16mm | Polarising Filter | 4 Stop Graduated ND Filter


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