Ray of light: East Kiewa River

By AG STAFF 19 February 2016
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It is thought that the name ‘Kiewa’ is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘sweet water’, which is certainly something that springs to mind when looking at this week’s reader photo.

This week’s reader photo was taken by Anne Morley at East Kiewa River (Rocky Valley Branch), Bogong, VIC.

“As a photographer I find myself constantly looking for new angles, exploring subjects from all directions to see how differing light conditions transform the subject,” says Anne.

“Many times I have photographed this beautifully scenic stretch of river with its clear pools, rushing cascades, and banks lined with green ferns and towering eucalypts. Those photos have mostly been taken from eye-level, standing in the river with my tripod and using a slow shutter speed to slow down the motion of the cascades. It occurred to me on this occasion to have an experimental look with my underwater camera from the river’s perspective. I took this image in one of the sunlit pools, very late in the day as the low-angle sun streamed into the water, illuminating the rocky river bed. The rays of sunlight through the water were quite a surprise to me, and provided a whole new perspective on how the river sees the light of day.”

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