Making frozen bubbles during a cold snap

By AG STAFF 9 September 2015
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A cold snap in Victoria prompted some experimentation with bubbles and the weather

This week’s reader photo was taken by Nick Bayliss in Bunyip State Park, Victoria:

“During a cold snap here in Victoria my wife came up with the kooky idea that I should go out into the blistering cold and blow bubbles to see if they would freeze. So I found a bottle of kids’ bubble mix and off I went. The main issue I had was trying to get the bubbles to land where I wanted due to the wind and then waiting to see what would happen. Surprisingly, it worked!

“Thankfully no one saw me in the middle of Bunyip State Park blowing bubbles like some crazed loony. Being the local policeman for the area it could have been a bit embarrassing being discovered blowing bubbles in the middle of nowhere and coming up with a not-too-crazy explanation. I did not cop a bit of flak from the boys at the footy club, who started calling me ‘Bubbles’ after they saw the picture on Facebook.

“I’m a hobby photographer and was using my Nikon D5200 with a Tamron 90 Macro lens. I often just chuck my camera bag in the back of the police car as you never know what you might see when you are out and about, though I tend not to take any photos that are work related. I really enjoy taking Macro photos as you see things that you just can’t appreciate as much with the naked eye,” said Nick.

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