Crimson chat bird on the hunt for some grub

By AG STAFF 17 July 2015
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A male crimson chat is on the hunt for insects to feed his newly hatched chicks

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Laurie Boyle, for his image ‘Crimson Chat’.

This week’s Flickr pic was taken by Laurie in Western Australia:

“I have a friend who is very interested in bird breeding activity after a cyclone or after a weather front crosses the Western Australian coast and moves inland, flooding the areas as it travels through. This causes the grasses and bushes to grow and light up with colour and then insects proliferate. This then causes the nomadic birds to move to those areas and nest, no matter what time of year.

Steve and I try to travel to these areas whenever we can to collect nesting records and find what birds are nesting and take photos. The local birds also get involved and nest in these times. We try to plan our trips about six to eight weeks after the event. This gives them time to start nesting and properly settled. It is a fantastic experience and there can be a very large number of birds nesting when this happens.

This photo is a male crimson chat and this pair had a nest nearby and he is out collecting bugs for the babies in the nest. This last event happened in early April, not the usual springtime breeding. We visited in late April and found literally hundreds of different species nesting. The total list of different species is tremendous,” he says.

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