Reader photo: caterpillar crawl

By AG STAFF 11 April 2014
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It’s a long crawl to lunch for this caterpillar

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Trace Connolly, for his image, ‘Nearly there!’

Says Trace, a self-taught amateur photographer from South Australia:

The image was taken in my garden in amongst the geraniums. I was doing a macro shoot on all the critters I could find on the one plant – three types of caterpillars, plume moths, orb weaving spiders, lynx spiders, jumping spiders, a variety of flies including one or two Hover Flies, and of course geranium favourites, slugs and snails!

This caterpillar caught my eye climbing the stem of a flower stalk so I began to take a few shots of its journey and return, albeit slow, where it eventually paused at the top to have a feed on the flower buds.

Technical information: Canon 7D, Sigma 105, 1/100, ISO100, f11, tripod


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