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#159 November – December 2020

Inside we explore one of Australia’s most widespread yet least understood mammals, the echidna and the pioneering researchers who are securing its future. We unearth Australia’s climate history and unlock vital insights into our increasingly erratic modern weather patterns. We go diving with the urban bull sharks of Moreton Bay in Brisbane and look at how underwater photography is helping shed light on Australia’s mysterious seadragons.

Also in this issue you can win a signed copy of David Attenborough’s new book A life on Our Planet here.

Our fundraiser this issue is the Tassie devil.

The success of Aussie Ark’s Tasmanian devil breeding program continues with captive-bred animals being released into large tracts of feral-free bushland in the Barrington Tops region of NSW. It’s hoped they will display normal devil behaviour and feed and breed their way to a healthy wild population that will help provide a bright future for this marvellous but
endangered marsupial. Donate here.

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