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#157 July – August 2020

The cover star for our July – August issue is an Emperor penguin Aptenodytes forsteri chick, photographed during an expedition to count the species’ southernmost rockery at Gould Bay in Antarctica. In this issue we celebrate 200 years of Antarctic exploration, from early explorers through to modern-day icebreakers. We go below the surface with Dr Richard Smith to discover the hidden realm of coral reefs’ smallest residents and find out all about one of our favourite birds, the budgie. We explore what effect a warming climate is having on our alpine regions and investigate just how bogong moths navigate their way over vast distances each year. We visit our neighbours in New Zealand to uncover their best hiking tracks and stop to smell the flowers at the Toowoomba Flower Carnival. We discover a thrilling new era in space and the role Australia will play, and reveal the history of our own sign language, Auslan.

Also in this issue we’re giving away two copies of Dr Richard Smith’s stunning new book, The World Beneath Enter here

Our fundraiser this issue is the Mountain pygmy possum. Mountain pygmy possums that survived last summer’s bushfires in Kosciuszko National Park now face a dire food shortage. We’re working with the NSW threatened species officers and volunteers to raise money for much-needed food drops – and you can help by donating here.

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