Image Credit: Distracted Media

The Last Sanctuary

  • January 10, 2014

In the stunning Kimberley, scientists battle to halt the invasion of the cane toad.

The Australian Geographic Society's 11th scientific expedition brought a multidisciplinary group of scientists and an enthusiastic band of AGSmembers together in the remote east Kimberley. They were there to participate in an ongoing study into the effects of cane toads on native fauna.

Follow our team of researchers and volunteers, led by charismatic expedition leader Dr Sean Doody, as they take part in a ground-breaking project to slow the march of one of Australia's worst biological invaders. See what makes this region so worthy of such laborious, hands-on protection with its dramatic orange sandstone landscapes, deep green gorges and amazing wildlife, and witness the research team's thrilling rediscovery of a rare mammal, the scaly-tailed possum, once considered locally extinct.

The documentary gives an insight into the work of the Australian Geographic Society, an organisation that donates tens of thousands of dollars annually to conservation projects across Australia as well as running its own large scale research projects in remote areas like this one.