Image Credit: Amy Withnall

The best young Aussie artists on Instagram

  • BY Angela Heathcote |
  • June 16, 2017

Some fresh takes on our favourite Aussie symbols.

THE GLOSSY BLACK feathers of the Australian magpie, the fleshy red nectar of the waratah and dots of golden wattle — these young Australian illustrators have reinterpreted some of our national emblems so that we may look at our natural landscape through different eyes. Here are some of our favourites. 

Ashley Ronning

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(Image Credit: @ashleyronning)

Ashley Ronning is a Canberra-based illustrator known for her drawings of protea, space and the odd jam on toast. Her fascination with Australian flora was inspired by the time she spent in her Nan and Pop’s garden during her childhood. Ashley’s fascination was heartened by her laid back Melbourne suburb, which she says is dotted with bottle brush, eucalyptus, grevillea and fresh wattle.

Antra Svarcs

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(Image Credit: @antra.svarcs)

Antra Svarcs is a north-east Melbourne-based illustrator who explores the relationship between adventure and creativity throughout different Australian habitats. After going overseas, Antra stumbled upon a new found appreciation for Australia’s unique flora and fauna, especially the frost of the Australian Alpine Region and our wet tropics.

Amy Withnall

amy withnall

(Image Credit: @amywithnall)

Amy Withnall is a Bronte based-illustrator, inspired by Sydney’s plants and animals. Amy says that Australian emblems play a big part in her work, particularly the native kookaburra with its belly deep laugh.



Hugo Muecke

hugo muecke

(Image Credit: @hugomuecke)

Hugo Muecke is a Newtown-based illustrator, who uses his pen to understand the unique characteristics of Australia. He says that the bush and its eternal place in our national identity has come to influence him in recent times.


Edith Barrett

edith barrett

(Image Credit: @edithrewa)

Edith Barrett was raised on a rural property in Yendon, Victoria, but is now a Blue Mountains-based illustrator. Her interest in drawing Australiana was gradual, but intensely influenced by the various specimens living in her back lane while growing up. She says that the heath-strewn sandstone plateau, dotted with scribbly gums, leptospermum and stypehlia nipping at your ankles is a fine way to spend an afternoon drawing.

Rebecca Lourey

rebecca lourey

(Image Credit: @rebeccalourey)

Rebecca Lourey grew up in the Blue Mountains, but is now an Inner-West Sydney-based illustrator. After rummaging through forgotten drawings, gathering dust at her parents’ house, Rebecca now realises that she’s always gravitated towards Australiana. Rebecca is drawn to the Australian magpie for their dramatic appearance.

Natasha Michels

Natasha michels

(Image Credit: @natashamichels)

Natasha Michels is an illustrator from Regentville, New South Wales. Tash has been drawing Australian flora and fauna since she picked up her first set of pencils. While her very first attempts were dedicated to perfecting the colour markings of a rainbow lorikeet, Tash finds a deep sense of calm through the call of Australia’s black cockatoos.