Lincoln Hall on Ama Dablam in 1981.

AG Society Lifetime of Achievement Awards

  • BY AG Society Staff |
  • July 05, 2010

Celebrating the best of Australian endeavour in a lifetime of achievement.

AG Lifetime of Adventure Award

This is the Society's highest honour and recognises those special Australians who have not only lived an adventurous life, but have also put something back into Australia and inspired other Australians. 

As the AG Awards are a celebration of achievement and not a competition as such, not all categories are awarded annually. Each nomination and category is judged on merit alone.

Year Awardee
2016 Ron Allum
2015 Eric Philips OAM
2014 Hans Tholstrup
2013 Colin Putt
2012 Don McIntyre
2010 Lincon Hall
2009 Dr Jon Stephenson
2008 Alan Warild
2007 Andrew McAuley (posthumous)
2006 Greg Mortimer
2005 Graeme Budd and Andy Thomas
2004 Mike McDowell
2003 Tom Kruse
2002 Griselda Sprigg
2001 Alf Howard
 2000 Dick Smith


AG Lifetime of Conservation Award

Like the Lifetime of Adventure, this honour is given to those who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to their field. Awarded for the first time in 2008, this award reflects the AG ethos that being a conservationist is not a trend, but a lifelong pursuit that all Australians should aspire to.

Year Awardee
2016 Robyn Williams
2015 Robert Purves AM
2014 Tim Flannery 
2013 Ian Kiernan AO and Kim McKay AO
    2012     Bob Brown
2010 Mary White
2009 Alex Colley, OAM
2008 Ron & Valerie Taylor


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